5 Rules for Matching a Sports Coat and Pants

2. Do Not Mix Patterns

If you have a pinstripe suit, you really should not mix and match either article of clothing with something else. Why not? It simply just does not look fashionably right. If you want to wear nothing but suits for men when it comes to this formal look, by all means do so. There is nothing wrong with that. However, if you choose to switch things up, do not mix patterns and styles. For example, if you wear a solid coat with pinstripe pants, or vice versa, it appears chaotic and unprofessional. The same principle needs to be applied for plaid clothing as well. If the pattern is very subtle and simply a matter of sewing pattern differences with the same color material, you can mix that with something else. This is only the case as long as the coat and pants are very different colors.

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